Counterfeit Product

From Mon 27 May to Fri 31 May we will open at 9.30am instead of 9.00am due to staff sickness. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We have been made aware of several counterfeit papers on the market, being sold as premium brand rolling papers including Raw King Size Connoisseur Rolling Papers, Smoking Deluxe Kingsize + Filters, and Smoking Brown Unbleached Kingsize + Filters. 

Although these papers look genuine, they are far from it, being made in China, not Spain. They are labelled organic, natural and unrefined hemp, and carry a fake Forestry Stewardship Council stamp. They are likely to be made from cheap tissue paper. 

We only stock the genuine brands, from reputable distributors. If your customers request the real deal, make sure you are aware of what you are buying. 

  • Fake Raw papers sometimes do not have a starter sheet
  • Fake Raw papers feel crinkly with a mediocre watermark and bad burn rate
  • Fake Raw papers on the side are missing the space between Leaves and Per ("LEAVESPER")
  • Fake Raw papers inside the cover are missing the space between a and blend ("ablend")
  • Fake Raw papers inside the cover are missing the space between moisten and gently ("moistengently")
  • Fake Smoking Deluxe inside the cover says "Slow bunning"
  • Fake Smoking Deluxe along the pack spine says "The only with special die cut"
  • Fake Smoking Brown inside the cover has a space missing between the word paper and the bracket, ie "Ultrathin paper(13gr/m2)".